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Asparagus project in Nicaragua – Final report

My asparagus project in Nicaragua came finally to an end, and with it my entire Master studies :)

What happened


I was not only in León, Nicaragua, for investigating and making research about the possibility of cultivating green asparagus in an extremely hot and arid zone, and writing a study project about it. But also my Master thesis.


Asparagus research fields

Asparagus research fields of the Asparagus project in Nicaragua

Everything worked very well!

My asparagus research group and I were day after day harvesting the asparagus, later we weighted and measured them in the lab, collected the data and transferred them into excel sheets. Once a week we had a meeting where we discussed problems, new ideas, results, etc.


Harvested asparagus ready for measuring and weighting

Harvested asparagus ready for measuring and weighting


Some days at the end of April, and beginning of May 2015, huge precipitation occurred. Hence, the asparagus spears grew like never before, so that we had to harvest even twice a day. That was a very interesting and funny experience :)

Rapidly growing asparagus

Rapidly growing asparagus

Data processing

After we had all data of almost three years collected, I worked on the statistical part. The marketing and sales part later was also very important, in order to raise awareness for asparagus in the region.



Campus of the Asparagus project in Nicaragua


It was a nice experience, to see the development of the project, and to make:

First conclusions of the asparagus project in Nicaragua

– Green Asparagus, which was organically fertilized, provides more or less the same amount of asparagus, than the chemically fertilized ones
– Green Asparagus is quite easy to handle and to cultivate, even for small-scale farmers. Just weed development need to be controlled
– Weather conditions in hot and dry León are suitable for asparagus to grow and to produce well. Irrigation is necessary, but only during dry season.
– The acceptance of asparagus (people and farmers) is still low. Awareness rising of all the advantages, that asparagus provide is necessary.

If you are interested in the whole study project or master´s thesis, please let me know via the contact form.


How will it continue?

But this is not the end, right?
In order to make these interesting findings available to the public, institutes, universities, NGO´s etc., I am thinking about publishing my thesis. The topic of my work is very important and essential for a whole research area about food security, and how to tackle worldwide food security and mal(-under)nutrition problems in the 21. century. So again, if you are interested, contact me :)

If you like this post I would be happy about spreading it into the world! :)


Thanks for reading!

Cows on the campus :)

Cows on the campus of the Asparagus project in Nicaragua :)

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  1. Alfred Trujillo Alfred Trujillo
    December 7, 2017    

    tThank you for such a interesting synapsis of your work. I would love to see more.

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