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Berlin – Why is this city so special? Part II

In Berlin, history is always present! You cannot escape, even if you wanted to. So also this weekend. There was the event “25 Jahre Mauerfall” (engl. 25 Years Fall Of The Wall) taking place.

At the 9th of November 1989, the wall between East- and West Berlin was falling down – on this weekend (exactly 25 years later), there were 8000 illuminated balloons located, where once the wall used to be. In whole a line of about 15 km, called “Lichtgrenze” (engl. “Light Boarder”). Many people came, to be part of this historic event in Berlin – so also me and two of my friends. Today at 7 p.m. they released to balloons into the air, each one with an individual message.

It was just amazing to be there at this historic moment! With this fotos, I just want to share my impressions with you.







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