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By bicycle from Copenhagen to Oslo – Day 10 – From Dingle to Ned Färingen

In August 2016, we had the crazy idea, to drive from Copenhagen to Oslo – by bicycle! The countries, we drove through were Denmark, Sweden and Norway. This post is about day 10 of our tour – from Dingle to Ned Färingen.

Going by bicycle from Copenhagen to Oslo was a fantastic 12-days-drive, in total about 790 km, with many ups and downs (literally, physically and mentally 😉 ). But I don´t regret not even one single moment of it. And a trip like that is feasible and possible, if you really want it. With my journey, I want to demonstrate this!

Google maps shows a lesser amount of km, but that´s not really accurate, since we usually used the signed bicycle routes. In Denmark the Route 9, in Sweden Kattegattleden until Gøteborg. Then we usually used our Garmin GPS and the Cyclespåret (an older route), and in Norway we followed the Route 7.

The route, that google proposes is a bit different, since it just found the big streets, and we wanted to avoid them as much as possible.

Below the map with the complete route:


What you need for a long bicycle trip like this:

I prepared a packing list for long bicycle trips. Based on own experiences and recommendations.

I will write a short post about every day (stage) of the trip, in total 12 days (and posts) – including some of our stories behind, a short description of the stage, and a map.

Day 1 – Copenhagen to Ödåkra
Day 2 – Ödåkra to Båstad
Day 3 – Båstad to Haverdal
Day 4 – Haverdal to Träslövsläge
Day 5 – Träslövsläge to Åsa
Day 6 – Åsa to Särö
Day 7 – Särö to Romelanda, through Göteborg
Day 8 – Romelanda to Ellös
Day 9 – Ellös to Dingle
Day 10 – Dingle to Ned Färingen
Day 11 – Ned Färingen to Moss
Day 12 – Moss to Oslo



This post is about:

Day 10 –  Dingle to Ned Färingen

Today we started already from high up north in Sweden. The climate became colder and colder, and Oslo came closer. The Norwegian boarder wasn´t far now, and in one day, we would already cross the Swedish/Norwegian boarder. Our body was louder and louder screaming for a rest. Our legs started to hurt a lot, and our whole body in general felt tired. We really needed a rest, but just a bit more, and we would reach our goal – Oslo!

There we can take a rest!

The day started with rain, and up and downs trough the coniferous forest leaded us to the coast. The landscape was like always gorgeous! Full of nature, rocks, hills, pasture land and seldom plants.


After around 2 hours, we reached the little beautiful harbour village Hamburgsund, and decided to have breakfast there. We were frozen, wet, tired and hungry, and just needed something warm and filling.

The breakfast was delicious! Hot coffee, cereals with yoghurt, orange juice and a sandwich full with cheese and vegetables – we enjoyed it as much as we can!




On the clean toilets in Hamburgsund we refilled our water bottles, washed some clothes and then continued our tour.

The next step was Fjällbacka. On the way we luckily had a lot of back wind and the paved streets we had to pass were small village streets or even dirt roads. Our bicycle route sign disappeared again, and we had to fully trust our GPS Garmin.

A bit before Taunumshede, there was a world heritage site with rock carvings, that are about 2000 years old. We were very astonished about this beautiful surprise, and stopped there for a while, to get to know the history of the carvings and the carvings itself. The site is open to any visitors and free of charge!

dsc06356 dsc06357 dsc06359


It was a very impressing cultural site, and we learned a lot! For example that there are in total thousand images, called the Tanum petroglyphs, on about 600 panels within the World Heritage Area. These panels are concentrated in distinct areas along a 25 km stretch, which was the coastline of a fjord during the Bronze Age. It covers an area of about 51 hectares.


dsc06364 dsc06365 dsc06366 dsc06367

Signs explained the probable meanings and the age of the carvings.

It was quiet, and we took our time, to explore and read a lot. There were almost no other visitors. Moreover the site is located on a hill and the view is nice.


dsc06369 dsc06376 dsc06377 dsc06382

dsc06383 dsc06384

In the village Taunumshede is also a museum about these carvings, and the land use of the area before, but we didn´t have time to enter it as well, and so we continued our way. The museum is also free of charge, by the way!

We continued on a broad road in direction Strömstad. There is a very beautiful fjord.






Strömstad fjord


Now we had to follow this sign, the North Sea Cycle Route, and Cyklespåret.


On the way, we made a pause on a cosy looking rock, in order to eat something.


Further on the road 177, which leaded us very steep upwards. And again we saw the traffic sign for Oslo!

Direction Oslo

Direction Oslo


We were almost in Norway! A road diversion brough us in direction Halden and in a small village, was again an archeological site, which is called “Stone ship”.

dsc06399 dsc06400 dsc06401 dsc06403

It´s a strange feeling to enter this little historical hill, with its graves, arranged in the shape of a ship.

It was an early burial custom in Scandinavia, Germany and the Baltic states.  The grave or cremation burial was surrounded by stones or slabs in the shape of a ship. The ships vary in size and were constructed from around  1000 BC to 1000 AD.

We were the only ones visiting this magical place, full of history!


The evening came, and a bit further, we found a place to camp tonight.


dsc06404 img_20160822_195236

The area was very rocky, and so was the ground. But somehow, we managed, to build up our tent and cook something delicious with our camping cooker :)


Thanks for reading!



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Below the link to the solar charger, we used on our journey! It´s really useful, and I can recommend it to every outdoor traveller :) On our whole journey, we didn´t need to charge our GPS, Phone, Camera, etc. not one single time on a normal plug-in. I was also very surprised!






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