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By bicycle from Copenhagen to Oslo – Day 11 – From Ned Färingen to Moss

In August 2016, we had the crazy idea, to drive from Copenhagen to Oslo – by bicycle! The countries, we drove through were Denmark, Sweden and Norway. This post is about day 11 of our tour – from Ned Färingen to Moss.

Going by bicycle from Copenhagen to Oslo was a fantastic 12-days-drive, in total about 790 km, with many ups and downs (literally, physically and mentally 😉 ). But I don´t regret not even one single moment of it. And a trip like that is feasible and possible, if you really want it. With my journey, I want to demonstrate this!

Google maps shows a lesser amount of km, but that´s not really accurate, since we usually used the signed bicycle routes. In Denmark the Route 9, in Sweden Kattegattleden until Gøteborg. Then we usually used our Garmin GPS and the Cyclespåret (an older route), and in Norway we followed the Route 7.

The route, that google proposes is a bit different, since it just found the big streets, and we wanted to avoid them as much as possible.

Below the map with the complete route:


What you need for a long bicycle trip like this:

I prepared a packing list for long bicycle trips. Based on own experiences and recommendations.

I will write a short post about every day (stage) of the trip, in total 12 days (and posts) – including some of our stories behind, a short description of the stage, and a map.

Day 1 – Copenhagen to Ödåkra
Day 2 – Ödåkra to Båstad
Day 3 – Båstad to Haverdal
Day 4 – Haverdal to Träslövsläge
Day 5 – Träslövsläge to Åsa
Day 6 – Åsa to Särö
Day 7 – Särö to Romelanda, through Göteborg
Day 8 – Romelanda to Ellös
Day 9 – Ellös to Dingle
Day 10 – Dingle to Ned Färingen
Day 11 – Ned Färingen to Moss
Day 12 – Moss to Oslo

On the way to Norway!

On the way to Norway!

This post is about:

Day 11 –  Ned Färingen to Moss

Today, we will cross the Swedish/Norwegian boarder! Full of motivation and energy, we pedalled in direction North.

Through forests, up and down, passing some remote houses in the forests, we reached the village Svinesund, which is directly located at the boarder.


Our GPS Garmin leaded us the whole way


Navigating North

Navigating North

In Svinesund, we took our daily morning coffee with a cake, and looked for a way, to spend our last Swedish Krona coins!


Flags at the Swedish/Norwegian boarder


Boarder café


Shop with thousand of different sweets


Luckily, we found a way to spend our last Kronas – there is a sweet shop directly at the boarder, where you can take what you want, and weight it to the exact amount that you are willing to spend. We knew, we had 17 Kronas left, so we packed our bag full of sweets for exactly 17 Kronas :)

Like that we would have different kinds of sweets for the coming days!

With full bags, we continued to the bridge over the huge fjord Ringdalsfjorden, that separates Norway from Sweden.




Yea, we did it to Norway!


The bridge was huge and impressing – and now we were in Norway.

The weather was great today, like the sun wanted to welcome us in Norway!

We were supposed to follow the route 7, but signs were always not existent, and we had to rely fully on our GPS.

dsc06422 img_20160823_133917

But the bicycle paths first were not as good as expected, and so we had to drive a lot along streets with a lot of traffic. Especially trucks were a lot en route, because of the oil industry and everything, that is connected with that. That´s a pity! Also a lot of agriculture is going on here.

Later, the path began to be a bit better, and we drove along some dirt roads. It was very quiet, and we almost didn´t meet other people. We drove through agricultural landscapes, little villages, forests, and passed by some beautiful fjords.

Post boxes

Post boxes

To Sweden :)

To Sweden :)


What we realised on the way, is that cars are not driving as respectful towards cyclists as in Sweden, and people in general were not as friendly. The supermarkets are a lot more expensive than in Sweden, and a beer in the supermarket costs 3 Euros!! Better to don´t drink anything here!


Fjord we passed by

dsc06431 dsc06432

Later today, we drove on good bicycle paths, but almost always along the regional streets. We had to drive over many ups and downs, as the landscape here is very hilly.

These ups and downs made us very tired and our whole body shouted for a little rest, and a proper hot shower! So we decided to look for a hostel today!

We found a youth hostel in the little village Moss, and paid 40 Euros each for a private room with shared showers. But we didn´t care, and thought, that we saved now so much money because of the wild camping for the last 10 days, that we can now spend 40 Euros in a comfortable bed and a hot shower :)

Lake in Moss in front of the hostel

Lake in Moss in front of the hostel

Hostel in Moss

Hostel in Moss

The owner of the hostel, an old lady, was very friendly with us! We felt very comfortable in the hostel and enjoyed the cozy bed and the hot shower a lot :)

There was also a shared kitchen, and we cooked a nice meal that night.

Thanks for reading!


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Below the link to the solar charger, we used on our journey! It´s really useful, and I can recommend it to every outdoor traveller :) On our whole journey, we didn´t need to charge our GPS, Phone, Camera, etc. not one single time on a normal plug-in. I was also very surprised!







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