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By bicycle from Copenhagen to Oslo – Day 5 – From Träslövsläge to Åsa

In August 2016, we had the crazy idea, to drive from Copenhagen to Oslo – by bicycle! The countries, we drove though were Denmark, Sweden and Norway. This post is about day 5 of our tour – from Träslövsläge to Åsa.

Going by bicycle from Copenhagen to Oslo was a fantastic 12-days-drive, in total about 790 km, with many ups and downs (literally, physically and mentally 😉 ). But I don´t regret not even one single moment of it. And a trip like that is feasible and possible, if you really want it. With my journey, I want to demonstrate this!

Google maps shows a lesser amount of km, but that´s not really accurate, since we usually used the signed bicycle routes. In Denmark the Route 9, in Sweden Kattegattleden until Gøteborg. Then we usually used our Garmin GPS and the Cyclespåret (an older route), and in Norway we followed the Route 7.

The route, that google proposes is a bit different, since it just found the big streets, and we wanted to avoid them as much as possible.

Below the map with the complete route:


What you need for a long bicycle trip like this:

I prepared a packing list for long bicycle trips. Based on own experiences and recommendations.

I will write a short post about every day (stage) of the trip, in total 12 days (and posts) – including some of our stories behind, a short description of the stage, and a map.

Day 1 – Copenhagen to Ödåkra
Day 2 – Ödåkra to Båstad
Day 3 – Båstad to Haverdal
Day 4 – Haverdal to Träslövsläge
Day 5 – Träslövsläge to Åsa
Day 6 – Åsa to Särö
Day 7 – Särö to Romelanda
Day 8 – Romelanda to Ellös
Day 9 – Ellös to Dingle
Day 10 – Dingle to Ned Färingen
Day 11 – Ned Färingen to Moss
Day 12 – Moss to Oslo

This post is about:

Day 5 – Träslövsläge to Åsa

From the small commune, where we camped last night, we continued our way, after a small breakfast, composed by bread and the hazelnut cream (Nötter cream) that we found so delicious.


Commune where we camped

Commune where we camped overnight

The weather was very nice today – pure sun, not too windy and temperatures of about 20 C degrees.

The landscape around us changed now more and more obvious to the famous “Scandinavian landscape” – it was in general hillier and rockier.

We drove on small streets through the landscapes, and later again directly along the coastline.





We came by Varberg, a famous wellness village directly at the coast. The weather was great and the trail along the coast just a dream :)


There was even a fort. But we didn´t have enough time to enter and to explore, because we still had quite a long way in front of us.


The hunger was possessing us more and more, and we started looking for a restaurant, or at least a supermarket or something like that. But the area was quite unpopulated here, between Varberg and Åsa, and so it turned out, that it was not so easy, to get something to eat. Our provisions were also almost completely consumed.


Beaches are often almost completely empty and so beautiful

On the way looking for food :)

On the way looking for food :)

But luckily, we found a little kiosk at a camping place, and we decided, to buy something there, and eat it directly at a table in from of the kiosk.

Our lunch :)

Our lunch :)

We bought bread, fish and potato salad, and it tasted really delicious. Maybe just because we were starving :)

Entrance of the camping ground - Snigelfart ;)

Entrance of the camping ground – Snigelfart ;)

Flags of all three countries, we drove through

Flags of all three countries, we drove through

After getting the new energy in form of carbohydrates and proteins, we headed further in direction North.


Again along the coast, and passing by some little harbours.

There are harbours everywhere in Sweden and it seems, like everybody has his/her own boat and  own Swedish house :)

Discovering beautiful beaches

Discovering beautiful beaches

Also everybody is very friendly and relaxed, and people are greeting with “Hej”, like everybody is a close friend. We felt really welcome in Sweden!


Traditional village

Traditional village

Later we drove again more inland, passing by some traditional villages, agricultural and pasture land.

The wind began now to blow stronger, as we drove again along the coast.


Wild goose

Wild goose

The evening came closer and closer, and looking for a place to sleep that night, we meet many wild goose in a bay, which were relaxing and eating there. It looked very beautiful!

In a commune called Åsa, directly at a rocky bay, we found our place to sleep tonight.


But before, we set up our tent and started preparing our dinner: noodles with fish and tomato sauce. For the perfect complement, a beer, of course. A Swedish one, called Falcon.

As we were sitting there, enjoying our meal, a wonderful sunset emerged, dunking the sky into deep red, purple, orange, pink and yellow colours!




Thanks for reading!


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Below the link to the solar charger, we used on our journey! It´s really useful, and I can recommend it to every outdoor traveller :) On our whole journey, we didn´t need to charge our GPS, Phone, Camera, etc. not one single time on a normal plug-in. I was also very surprised!



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