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By bicycle from Copenhagen to Oslo – Day 7 – From Särö to Romelanda, through Göteborg

In August 2016, we had the crazy idea, to drive from Copenhagen to Oslo – by bicycle! The countries, we drove though were Denmark, Sweden and Norway. This post is about day 7 of our tour – from Särö to Romelanda, through Göteborg.

Going by bicycle from Copenhagen to Oslo was a fantastic 12-days-drive, in total about 790 km, with many ups and downs (literally, physically and mentally 😉 ). But I don´t regret not even one single moment of it. And a trip like that is feasible and possible, if you really want it. With my journey, I want to demonstrate this!

Google maps shows a lesser amount of km, but that´s not really accurate, since we usually used the signed bicycle routes. In Denmark the Route 9, in Sweden Kattegattleden until Gøteborg. Then we usually used our Garmin GPS and the Cyclespåret (an older route), and in Norway we followed the Route 7.

The route, that google proposes is a bit different, since it just found the big streets, and we wanted to avoid them as much as possible.

Below the map with the complete route:


What you need for a long bicycle trip like this:

I prepared a packing list for long bicycle trips. Based on own experiences and recommendations.

I will write a short post about every day (stage) of the trip, in total 12 days (and posts) – including some of our stories behind, a short description of the stage, and a map.

Day 1 – Copenhagen to Ödåkra
Day 2 – Ödåkra to Båstad
Day 3 – Båstad to Haverdal
Day 4 – Haverdal to Träslövsläge
Day 5 – Träslövsläge to Åsa
Day 6 – Åsa to Särö
Day 7 – Särö to Romelanda, through Göteborg
Day 8 – Romelanda to Ellös
Day 9 – Ellös to Dingle
Day 10 – Dingle to Ned Färingen
Day 11 – Ned Färingen to Moss
Day 12 – Moss to Oslo



This post is about:

Day 7 –  Särö to Romelanda, through Göteborg

Today we saw one of the most impressing landscapes of our tour. It started already in the morning, directly after getting up, and heading further on our way towards Göteborg, which was just 30 km away from us.

First we drove a bit through the forest, were we slept that night, and then we drove along the sea again. There were breathtaking fjords, clear water, rocky islands, water plants, little colourful Swedish boat houses, rocks, boats – it was just beautiful and we enjoyed the ride a lot.



Swedish Fjord


Sarita on the rocks


Even the bicycle can´t get the eyes off this beautiful and special landscape



What I also liked a lot, is that the houses are often forming a symbiosis with the rocks here. So the rocks are used for sheltering a house, integrated into the garden, houses build on rocks, etc. It looks like they just belong together, Swedish houses and rocks :)


Boat houses

Boat houses

The weather was changing a lot today, from sunny and warm to cloudy, windy and cold. A bit of rain was also in the mix. But we enjoyed our tour, because we were equipped for every kind of weather. :)

Trail along the sea

Trail along the sea


We decided, that today will be a washing day. So we were looking for a public toilet, where we can wash our clothes without stress. But this resulted to be not that easy today. Normally there are many public toilets on the way, that are for free, clean, with everything needed (soap, paper, etc. ) and usually with hot water. It´s even possible to take a cat shower incl. hair washing :) But today, we were searching for quite a while, until we finally found one in a national park.

Around midday, we arrived in Göteborg – finally! We reached half way of our tour :)





Göteborg industrial harbour

Göteborg industrial harbour


The first thing we saw of Göteborg was the industrial harbour, and a huge bridge. There is a Cafe/Restaurant in industrial style, where we first wanted to eat something, because we were already very hungry. But the place turned out as an overpriced hipster place, and we decided to continue a bit, to see, what we will find in the city center.

img_20160819_131814 dsc06222

And we were lucky! We found a nice place in the center, that served lunch plates. We ate a delicious salmon with potatoes, bread and salad. The sweet desert was not less delicious!

In Göteborg, we walked a bit along the pedestrian zone and found a big church, and in  front of the church a bronze statue of a curious creature, half woman, half aquatic creature (fish, sea star, octopus, shells). Sure, Göteborg has got a long seamen history, as well as whole Sweden. It´s not something really strange, to find such a creature in the middle of the pedestrian zone here. Still, I found it very interesting.


Half woman, half creature from the deep sea



Göteborg is indeed an interesting city! And worth a visit. The beautiful houses with the green oxidised roofs, the bicycle friendly roads and respectful car drivers, the big harbour with many antike ships, many bars, cafés and restaurants, turn it into an attractive city.




We lost our route, and ended up looking for a way, to cross the river, in order to continue further north. One bridge was under construction, so we had to look for another one. We found one that was feasible for bicycles, but the challenge was, to find the correct bicycle path, to drive upwards. Because there were two, one for driving up to cross the bidge, and on for the ones, who came down from the other side. And it´s not allowed to use this one, which was in this moment closer for us.

After crossing the big street and some traffic lights, we were on the right side, and now nothing could stop us from leaving Göteborg again.

Traffic sign for Oslo

Traffic sign to Oslo

And for the first time on our tour, we saw the traffic sign to Oslo, which motivated us a lot. :)

But still, some smaller and bigger obstacles waited for us.

The next city we had to cross was Kärra. Also the route changed. There was no longer the Kattegattleden, but again the old sign “Cyclespåret”. But the signs are sometimes too old, and not visible, or just not there. So we had to use our GPS Garmin a lot.

First we drove through an ugly industrial area and then through forests, higher and higher, until we reached almost 300 m above sealevel. We crossed the small village Kungälv, which also has a fort.






Nothing special though. We continued. Again through coniferous forests, little communes, pasture areas, along a lake, up and down and then, all of a sudden, a construction in the middle of our way emerged.

Big fences prevented us from continuing. What can we do? Returning, looking for another way? After the last exhausting 2 hours of up and downs? No way! It would have delayed us more than one day.

There should be another way. We looked for an option, to bypass the big fence, and luckily found a way into the construction. We just had to get out of there again on the other side.

This was the most difficult part. The fence was carefully constructed until the steep edge of the lake, and we had to somehow lift our bicycles around there. So we unpacked everything, and first lifted the bags around the fence. Then the bikes. Together we somehow did it, but it was quite dangerous, because we had to lift the bikes around the fence, and over the edge of the lake.

Puh, that was not easy!


Big construction on our way


After lifting the bicycles around the fence



Yea, we did it! now we continued our way!

The big fence

The big fence


Done this, we continued our way, along beautiful mountainous landscapes, remote houses and farms, steep roads, in direction Jörlanda.

This adventurous day came slowly to an end, and we looked for a place to rest and sleep that night.

We found a lovely comune by a lake, and decided to look for a place close to the commune.

dsc06238 img_20160819_185020

We entered the forest a bit deeper, and found a very nice place in the coniferous forest. It was like made for camping. A good wind shelter, moss and pine needles on the ground which formed a soft natural mattress, no mosquitoes, and no human beings close. Perfect!


Our dinner consisted of bread with pesto and tuna. :)


img_20160819_194444 dsc06240 dsc06241

On the way to our sleeping place for today, we found many little frogs, a little stream, humid mosses and a lot of mushrooms!

dsc06243 dsc06244

What a nice, but also exhausting day, full of adventures ended like that!

Thanks for reading!


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Below the link to the solar charger, we used on our journey! It´s really useful, and I can recommend it to every outdoor traveller :) On our whole journey, we didn´t need to charge our GPS, Phone, Camera, etc. not one single time on a normal plug-in. I was also very surprised!









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