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Try the delicious Colombian draft beer of Bogotá Beer Company

If you are traveling in Colombia, you must try the delicious Colombian draft beer of Bogotá Beer Company (BBC).

Traveling to the beautiful village in Boyacá, Villa de Leyva, about 4-5 hours away from Bogotá, with a climate, that´s just perfect, we went to a bar of Bogotá Beer Company. A famous draft beer company, that produces a lot of different types of beer of the beer families Ale and Lager. All of them are just delicious and unique.


At the balcony of Bogotá Beer Company in Villa de Leyva


Their slogan is: La cervecería pequeña más grande de Colombia (The biggest small brewery in Colombia).



View from the balcony of BBC to the main square of Villa de Leyva


Also the location of the BBC in Villa de Leyva is just perfect. Directly located at the main square, you can sit on their balcony, grab an ice cold beer and enjoy the amazing view to the main square and the church, observing the relaxed atmosphere below.




Who is BBC?

The founder Berny Silberwasser was tired of the beer monopoly in Colombia and started a journey to investigate about small breweries in the US and Europe in 1997. There he learned the brewing techniques and turned afterwards into a revolutionary, who successfully delivered Bogotá and whole Colombia a better beer. The BBC was born!

Their beer have the best natural traditional ingredients, barley, hops, yeast and water, and sometimes they use ingredients like organic honey, orange shell, and oats, everything that gives delicious taste and aroma. There is no massive production and the beer doesn´t have to travel for months in ships. Everything is local.

They have less than 1 % of the beer market in Colombia, and they offer a different beer option, than the monopoly beers, in their pubs and authorized BBC establishments.

Have a look on their homepage, to get more information about the types of beer they offer (they also always have limited delicious mixtures), ingredients and locations.




There are bars is Bogotá, Chía, Cartagena, Medellín, Barranquilla, and Villa de Leyva, the one I went to :)




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