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By bicycle from Copenhagen to Oslo – Day 3

In August 2016, we had the crazy idea, to drive from Copenhagen to Oslo – by bicycle! The countries, we drove though were Denmark, Sweden and Norway. This post is about day 3 of our tour –  from Båstad to Haverdal.

Going by bicycle from Copenhagen to Oslo was a fantastic 12-days-drive, in total about 790 km, with many ups and downs (literally, physically and mentally 😉 ). But I don´t regret not even one single moment of it. And a trip like that is feasible and possible, if you really want it. With my journey, I want to demonstrate this!

Google maps shows a lesser amount of km, but that´s not really accurate, since we usually used the signed bicycle routes. In Denmark the Route 9, in Sweden Kattegattleden until Gøteborg. Then we usually used our Garmin GPS and the Cyclespåret (an older route), and in Norway we followed the Route 7.

The route, that google proposes is a bit different, since it just found the big streets, and we wanted to avoid them as much as possible.

Below the map with the complete route:


Driving bicycle (in summer) is a great way, to explore a scandinavian country, because:

  1. you see and explore the countryside much more, than you could see in a airplane/bus/train/car
  2. it´s totally environmentally friendly – the only energy used, is 100 % produced by yourself :)
  3. it´s a free means of transport
  4. all your senses are working, to detect the environment – e.g. feeling the warmth of the sun on your face, and the wind, that sometimes hinders you from driving very fast, smelling the wet soil after a rain shower, and the flowers on the edge of the path, see the birds and butterflies around, beside and above you, hearing the wild goose or wolfs far away, tasting the flies in your mouth,… 😉
  5. it´s an indescribable feeling, to let many kilometers behind you, just with your own muscle power
  6. you are improving your fitness
  7. most of the time, there are existing bicycle paths and bicycle friendly facilities
  8. wild camping is allowed in Sweden/Norway, and you can really find great, lonely places to camp on. It´s called “Allemansrätten” (everybody´s right, to explore nature and feel close to it)
  9. I´m sure, there are 1001 more reasons


What you need for a long bicycle trip like this:

  • time
  • patience
  • medium fitness level
  • the will to reach your goal
  • mental and physical strength
  • and of course these things are very useful

I will write a short post about every day (stage) of the trip, in total 12 days (and posts) – including some of our stories behind, a short description of the stage, and a map.

Day 1 – Copenhagen to Ödåkra
Day 2 – Ödåkra to Båstad
Day 3 – Båstad to Haverdal
Day 4 – Haverdal to Träslövsläge
Day 5 – Träslövsläge to Åsa
Day 6 – Åsa to Särö
Day 7 – Särö to Romelanda
Day 8 – Romelanda to Ellös
Day 9 – Ellös to Dingle
Day 10 – Dingle to Ned Färingen
Day 11 – Ned Färingen to Moss
Day 12 – Moss to Oslo

This post is about:

Day 3 – Båstad to Haverdal

We slept well in our tent in the forest, and woke up in the early morning, to have some breakfast, and to pack our things.

A brand new day with plenty of adventures was awaiting us!


On the way to Halmstad

The first thing we did, was stopping by a public toilet, to get some of our clothes washed.

Luckily, the public toilets in Sweden are always clean and usually equipped with toilet paper and soap. So it´s not a big deal, to wash your clothes there or even take a “cat shower” and wash your hair :) Also filling up the drinking water bottle for the day is always possible, since the tap water in Sweden is really good drinking water.

Afterwards we got some cash from the ATM. It´s better, to take always a bit more cash, if you see an ATM, because actually, there are not plenty of them. People prefer to pay by card.


On our way today, we were supposed to pass by Halmstadt. On the way there, we drove through some beautiful landscapes, dominated by agricultural fields, little villages with churches and pasture land. What is also significant for this area, are the power generating wind turbines. Which is not a surprise, because the wind here blows always very strong.

Looking for apples

Looking for apples

Sometimes it´s very hard to drive by bicycle, if the wind is coming from the front!

Before we reached Halmstadt, the Kattegattleden (our bicycle route) led us trough an industrial area, which was not very beautiful and many big trucks passed by. It was obvious, that soon we were reaching a more or less big city.




Halmstadt is a quite beautiful city, but nothing special, and we decided, to just drive through it and to continue our way.


In Halmstadt


After crossing the city, the landscape became again more beautiful, and we ended up, driving along the coast. On a beautiful beach we made a pause, and enjoyed the gorgeous scenery around us :)


Relaxing on the beach

Relaxing on the beach

img_20160815_155815 img_20160815_155904

The weather was really warm and beautiful today!



Later, we reached a big nature conservation area, with plenty of “Camping forbidden” signs.


The area was really stunning – a rich and divers vegetation, directly by the coast, and some sheep grassing in peace.



But we had a quite hard time, finding a proper place to build up our tent for tonight. It was already getting darker and darker, and no place was in sight.

Luckily, we found something on the edge of the natural conservation area, in a little forest, close to some cliffs, that actually looked quite magical and mysterious, like in a fairytale book.

Our magical camping place

Our magical camping place


We liked it there, and decided to build up our tent. It was a very hidden, calm and peaceful place, with plenty of mosses, shrubs and little trees.

Since we were now very hungry, we cooked some pasta, and went soon to sleep under the rising full moon.



Thanks for reading!


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Below the link to the solar charger, we used on our journey! It´s really useful, and I can recommend it to every outdoor traveller :) On our whole journey, we didn´t need to charge our GPS, Phone, Camera, etc. not one single time on a normal plug-in. I was also very surprised!



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