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Cahuita – a lovely National Park directly at the beach

From Tortuguero we continued our journey southwards to Cahuita which is famous for nice beaches and the National Park with a vast number of wild amazing animals.


At 9 a.m. after being at the beach for watching the sea turtles in Tortuguero we packed our backpacks and set off by boat to La Pavona from where the local buses start. From there we continued again to Cariari, then Guapiles, Pto. Limon and finally we reached Cahuita in the late afternoon. In whole we spent around 6000 Colones, approx. 9 €. The connection between the buses were really good; we didn´t have to wait a long time for the next bus.


Cahuita Bus station

When we arrived it was raining heavily and almost nobody was there. Luckily, we found rather fast an accommodation close to the beach and the National Park and not very expensive (16 $ room/night) with shared kitchen. Anyways, its not too difficult to find an accommodation close to the beach and the National Park because the village is very small! There are many small bars, restaurants, sodas, shops, cafés – and it´s pretty touristic. But luckily we were not travelling during the high season and hence it was comfortable because there were not many people and it was a bit sleepy here.

Our Cabinas

Our Cabinas


The village

The next day, when we went out of our room we saw our neighbours the monkeys from the nearby jungle directly in fron of our door – eating bananas.


Later we went to the beach which is at the same time already the National Park; to enter you have to register at the park office and if you want you can also donate some coins, but this is voluntary. Here, we were just walking along the beach and the jungle and relaxing.

National Park office directly at the beach

National Park office directly at the beach



IMG_8538The sun radiation is already in the morning from 9 a.m. to 12 a.m. very strong; in the afternoon not so much anymore.

At 4.30 p.m. people have to leave the National Park and with it the beach.

We enjoyed our time here in this nature paradise a lot!


In the evening we went for some cocktails to the restaurant/bar “Parquecito” where the cocktails are very cheap during the Happy Hour (around 2,5 €) and also very delicious 😉

IMG_8543At night, you need to be a bit careful here! During the time we were in Cahuita, we have heard of an attack. So use your common sense and remember not to go to the beach  or along abandoned dark streets.

When we came back to our Cabina (accommodation) we had a surprise in the bathroom – there were some monsters waiting for us…in other words: cockroaches and many ants! Later it turned out that the ants have build their nest in our bathroom wardrobe. It was a long and exhausting fight to get rid of them.

Thinks like that can happen, especially in those low-budget accommodations, that most of the backpackers choose – but that´s part of the adventure, right? :)

At the beach

At the beach

The next days were made for relaxing at the beach and jungle tours.

In the jungle we saw and heard many animals – spider, cappuccino and howler monkeys, crabs, chipmunks, a coati which was eating crabs in front of us, lizards and huge butterflies and grasshoppers. The beaches here by the way are perfectly made for postcards!


Coconut Offspring





We even saw an old oil well from 1910.







Walking along the jungle trail









The beaches were wonderful and abandoned somewhere behind the jungle – nobody but us was here!




Howler monkey

Howler monkey

One day, we were walking the whole trail through the Cahuita National Park, which takes around 4 hours. I can just recommend everybody to walk this round trail, it´s really impressing and stunning!

Thanks for reading!


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