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Epic nature cliff walk close to Sintra

This post is about an epic nature  ckiff walk close to Sintra, from Cabo da Roca to Praia Grande (Colares) or the other way round.

I guess that some of you have been to Sintra, Portugal, a beautiful fairytale village, close to Lisbon. And maybe also some of you have been to the most western point of the European mainland, the Cabo da Roca, close to Sintra, where also a lighthouse is located.

But I doubt, that many of you have walked the stunning nature cliff walk from Cabo da Roca, to the Praia Grande, in Colares, or the other way round.



Praia Grande in Colares



Epic nature cliff walk close to Sintra


In this post, I will present you this beautiful one-day walk, which will take away your breath, without a doubt!



Stunning cliffs

Stunning cliffs

HIdden beach

HIdden beach


Stunning huge and deep cliffs, hidden secret beaches, great views over the huge ocean in colours from deep blue to soft turquoise. Nature with a lot of fauna, that you can exclusively find there. Because this area has a special micro climate, which is not Mediterranean nor a typical Atlantic coast climate, and also not typical for this region.





Don´t forget your cap and a sun block, to protect the head and skin, because the sun here can be deadly. There is almost no shadow. Although you will cross a small pine forest, where you can find some shadow, and a place to rest or make a pick nick, the most part of the trail has no shadow to offer, because the highest “trees” mainly are bushes 😉




Also plan to walk more or less 4-5 hours, and take sufficient water with you.


How to get there:

If you are in Lisbon, first take the train to Sintra. They start at the main railway station in Lisbon, and take you directly to Sintra. The price is something about 2 Euros and the drive about an hour. Afterwards, go to a bus station in Sintra, either on the final station or on the station before (Sintra portal), and take the bus 403 either to Cabo da Roca, or to Colares (Praia Grande).


Fantastic vegetation

Start from Cabo da Roca:


If you start from Cabo da Roca, which I can recommend more, because it´s easier to get there from Sintra, you have to walk in northern direction, starting from the lighthouse. Just along the cliffs, and on some points you can get down to hidden tranquil beaches, which are very beautiful.


Cabo da Roca from far

Cabo da Roca from far



You will first get to one beach with a restaurant, from there you have to continue in northern direction, walk through the pine forest, where it´s also possible to camp, and continue until you get to some stairs, that lead you down the cliffs to Praia Grande.

From Praia Grande you can take a bus back to Sintra.

Start from Praia Grande:


If you start your walk from Praia Grande, you will have to go to the end of the beach (direction south), and then up the cliffs (there are stairs). By the way, in the rocks of the cliffs on the right hand side, you will see footprints of dinosaurs that are millions of years old 😉

Way up from Praia Grande

Way up from Praia Grande

When you reached the top, just start walking along the cliffs, until you´ll get to another beach with a restaurant. Here you have to turn left in front of the restaurant, walk 5 minutes along the small street and then turn right into the trail. There is a sign “Cabo da Roca”.


Sometimes there are more small signs for Cabo da Roca, but you can orientate yourself easily, just walking along the cliffs. The lighthouse of Cabo da Roca you´ll see almost from the beginning of the walk.

Since Cabo da Roca is a quite touristic place, you can get back by bus easily, at least every half an hour.



I hope you enjoy the walk, as much as I did! But I don´t doubt it :)


Thanks for reading!




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