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Hitchhiking to Espírito Santo, a state in Brazil

With Maria, my new travel buddy from Argentina, I decided to hitchhike from Ouro Preto to Vitoria, the capital of the Brazilian state Espírito Santo and from there continue to São Matheus and Bahía.

Hitchhiking Brazil

First of all, something about hitchhiking in Brazil. Many people say it’s very dangerous. But these are people, that never did it, because everybody is just too afraid. They hear and see terrible news on TV and do think that everybody is violent in Brazil, except them. But actually, I just met awesome, friendly and generous people here in Brazil and hitchhiking, I just made great experiences. Also this time, when Maria and me hitchhiked from Ouro Preto to Vitoria. The journey took the whole day and about 5 different rides. Each one very interesting and enlightening. And on our last step, when we almost reached Vitoria, the driver dropped us even in front of the house, where we couchsurfed. It was awesome :)

Hitchhiking in a truck

Hitchhiking in a truck to Espírito Santo

Maria with our driver

Maria with our driver





On the road to Vitoria crossing Minas Gerais


There are many coffee farms in the mountains of Minas Gerais

In Vitoria, we couchsurfed at Paula’s place. She is an awesome girl and we talked and laughed a long time when we arrived. Great people, places, experiences- that is what makes a journey unforgettable and unique!

Vitoria and Vila Velha

The next day, Maria and me explored the city Vitoria and the neighbor city Vila Velha. In my opinion Vila Velha is more worthy a visit than Vitoria itself. We just took a bus to cross the bridge that devides the two cities, and walked along the beach in Vila Velha.

Beach of Vila Velha

Beach of Vila Velha, Espírito Santo

There are people taking a sunbath, kitesurfing, or just relaxing.




We looked for a quiet spot on some rocks, to take a rest and meditate a bit. In the water we saw some turtles! :) the Brazilian coast is a famous spot for sea turtles and there are many protected areas, because every year they come for laying there eggs on the beaches.





Later we climbed up a hill, from where we had a great view to Vila Velha, Vitoria and the ocean.


Nice art on the way :)


Don’t take anything, but “Saudades” (nostalgia)

On the way up to the hill, there were nice signs with beautiful sayings.


Don’t kill anything, but time

Great view from the top

Great view from the top, the bridge which connects Vitoria and Vila Velha

Later we turned back to Vitoria, and I went for running on the beach close to the house of Paula. Sometimes I’m missing my daily workout. It’s not so easy to keep that routine on the road 😉


São Mateus

Already on the next day, we decided to leave the big city, which Vitoria is (capital of Espírito Santo), and hitchhike to São Mateus, where we had already the next couchsurfing place. The two of us don’t really like big cities, and so it was the best decision. The hitchhiking trip was awesom as well. We even visited a Buddhist monastery on the way, where our hitchhiker, an older man with Italian roots, took us. After the ride, he invited us a “Caldo de Cana” (sugarcane juice) :)

Waiting for a lift :)

Waiting for a lift :)


Entrance to the Buddhist monastery

Entrance to the Buddhist monastery



Caldo de Cana

Caldo de Cana

Enjoying the cold Caldo de cana

Enjoying the cold Caldo de cana


In the evening, we reached the neighborhood Guriri of São Mateus, and the house of Thiago, our couchsurfer host. He is an awesome guy, artist and film maker. When we reached, the birthday party of his little daughter was going on and plenty of children were running around. We helped baking pizza and had a great evening :)

Thiago, Maria and Julia (she arrived some days later)

Thiago, Maria and Julia (she arrived some days later)

Thiagos house is like an exposition of mosaic art! It’s beautiful :)






Mosaic work in progress

It’s nice here in Guriri. Quite calm. There’s a long beach where Maria and I went some times for relaxing or running. Nothing special but nice for taking some rest. Long term traveling is tiring and it’s important to take a rest sometimes.

Some days later, Julia from Brazil arrived at Thiagos house, also through couchsurfing. We go to along very  well and decided to go together to Itaunas the next day.


Itaunas is a little village and famous for it’s dunes nearby, directly at the beach. We took a bus and hitchkiked the rest of the way. It’s quite remote.

The dunes are magic – even more because we were the only people around.


Beach and dunes of Itauna



Crossing a little river with mangroves


The dunes




THANKS for reading!

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