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How to spend your time in Alajuela, Costa Rica?

Alajuela is a town next to San José. We have spent our last days here with Jeffrey, our Couchsurfing Host and his brother. Together we visited the volcano Poás and enjoyed the nightlife of Alajuela, including a theatre play!


It is easy to get from Manzanillo to Alajuela – just get by bus to the city Limón and then change the bus to San José. The whole trip costs around 5500 Colones (around 9 Euros).

On the way (at the bus station) we bought delicious Empanadas filled with cheese, beans and potatoes! You definitely have to try that!

The weather became rainier and with a little delay, we reached San José. Jeffrey picked us up from the bus station with his car. It was already dark and we were pretty tired from the journey that took us more or less the whole day. We were so glad, that we could just enter his car and relax – really luxurious :)

Around 30 minutes later we reached his flat, which was really big and nice, with a great view.

Nelly and Jeffrey

Nelly and Jeffrey

View from Jeffrey´s balcony

View from Jeffrey´s balcony

After a short “refreshing” in his flat, we went out to eat something and to enjoy the nightlife of Alajuela!

The next day we met Alex, Jeffs brother, and together we drove to the volcano Poás. For those of you who doesn´t have the luxury to have a car, there are also buses to the volcano.

We made a stop in a soda for having breakfast and then we continued to the crater of the volcano. The entrance fee to the National Park Poás costed us 10 US-Dollars whereas Jeff and Alex just had to pay 2 Dollars, because they are locals. This price discrimination is here very common and I always feel a bit upset because of that.


Breakfast :)

The weather was nice and sunny in the beginning but shortly before we reached the volcano, clouds came which also brought rain and the view into the crater was unfortunately blocked.


So we could just see it on the photo and guess where it might be :) The trails around the crater were also not accessible because of an eruption some days ago. The volcano is still active and you should always exercise some caution and be ready to run in case of emergency. The national park security gave us some instructions about what to do in case of emergency – he said if we smell some sulphur or cannot breath at all, we should run down as fast as possible because this are indications of a possible eruption.

But anyways, we had fun, even though the day was not as expected :)


The crew in front of the crater

We entered a little museum which was also located in the national park. In front of the museum they exhibited some frogs, parrots, butterflies and toucans made of old tires, plastic bottles etc. – i really liked that idea of recycling! Making art out of trash!





IMG_5173Afterwards we continued to a famous waterfall close to the volcano.

In the evening we went with Alex to the Teatro Municipal of Alajuela. Another couch surfer told us about a famous comedy play about the history of Alajuela that was even for free. He was one of the actors and invited us – it was a very funny evening!

At the theatre

At the theatre



The next day we had to get up early to catch our flight back to Germany.

At this point it only remains for me to say thank you to all the lovely people we have met and who have enriched our time in Costa Rica! It was an awesome journey through  a country that comes close to paradise with it´s rich and gorgeous landscapes and flora and fauna.

Thanks for reading!


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