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Manzanillo, Costa Rica – A laid-back paradise at the Caribbean Sea

It is even possible to drive by bicycle from Puerto Viejo to Manzanillo. We did it one day – it took us around 1 hour for the 11 kilometres. But the drive is gorgeous; through jungle and the more we got closer to Manzanillo, the less cars or other vehicles crossed our way. It´s very easy to get to Manzanillo, just follow the only street parallel to the beach which exists!


Manzanillo is a very little village directly located at the beach. The National Park, which is immediately adjacent to Panama, is spectacular. Pure nature, wonderful beaches, solitude! Here we spent some days just relaxing, walking through the dense jungle and enjoying the nature. But be aware of the small paths that can be very muddy and slippy due to clay soil. Especially after precipitation this could be a big obstacle.

Hidden paradise

Hidden paradise

The first day we visited Manzanillo with our bicycles, we walked around 15 minutes through the jungle, up a little hill and saw this picture – just like a hidden little paradise.

We decided to pack our stuff back in Puerto Viejo and move for the last days, before we had to travel back to San José, to Manzanillo.


It was really great here – especially the rock in the background with the little tree on top caught my attention. The tree is just growing on the bare rock inside the rough ocean, getting water and nutrients only from precipitation – I´m sure he has a quite hard time to survive but he demonstrates very well, that everything is possible if you really want it!





Our hostel in Manzanillo “Heliconia” was located in the 2. parallel street behind the hostel “Funky Manza” (which is the most famous hostel here). It was nice and clean, but a bit more expensive – for the two of us around 20 Euros per night.


Actually, we spent more time in “Funky Manza” than in our hostel and we also didn´t use the shared kitchen here.

The reason were two nice guys who we got to know coincidentally – travellers, one from the USA and one from Spain, who work for some time in “Funky Manza” to earn money for continuing traveling. They were very nice and we shared many stories while cooking and eating together in the open kitchen. Later a couple from Berlin who was traveling for some months with their little baby joined us as well!


Funky Manza

Funky Manza

One day in Manzanillo, Nelly and I went to a beach quite far into the jungle. We thought we were the only ones here but it turned out – we had a company. A cute dog was sitting next to us, staring uninterruptedly to the oceans horizon, like he was waiting for something or someone. He was the most melancholic dog we have ever seen.

The melancholic dog

The melancholic dog

A red poison dart frog also crossed our way through the jungle.

Red poison dart frog

Red poison dart frog




We enjoyed Manzanillo, the nature around us and nice company a lot – but slowly our Costa Rica journey came to an end. Next and last stop: Alajuela, next to San José, where a couchsurfer host was already waiting for us :)

Thanks for reading!


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