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Packing list for a long bicycle tour

Imagine, you are planning a long tour by bicycle. What would you pack?

It´s indeed not an easy decision – especially, if you are a beginner. If you pack too many things, that you probably won´t need, the bicycle will be very heavy and hence uncomfortable to travel, but if you pack too little, you are suffering, because you forgot things, that may be important and useful.


Bicycle with equipment and tent

Bicycle with equipment and tent

In order to support you with your choices, I created a packing list for a long bicycle tour that is based and inspired on my own experiences.

For example my tour from Copenhagen to Oslo, or earlier, from Berlin to Leipzig, gave me a lot of packing experience. My recommendations are based on products that I use, and that have been already successfully proven!

If you buy the products by clicking on the links below, I will receive a little commission, with which I am financing my blog :)

With the following packing list for a long bicycle tour, I am sure, you are pretty well prepared for any tour, that takes longer than one day :) If you think, something should be added, please don´t hesitate to contact me or write a comment!

Let´s start:

For the bicycle:


  • bicycle 😉 (if possible a mountain bike, e.g. from Trek)
  • 2 robust and waterproof bicycle bags, e.g. Ortlieb
  • rack for the bags (back and/or front) e.g. Ventura Alu-Gepäckträger
  • elastic band for fixing things (e.g. tent, clothes, etc.) on the rack
  • bicycle tool set
  • air pump
  • puncture kit (incl. replacement tube)
  • bicycle lights, e.g. Sigma
  • gel seat, e.g. Decathlon


For the body:

  • Helmet, e.g. Uvex
  • Rain jacket, e.g. from Decathlon
  • Rain trousers, e.g. from Decathlon
  • Rain shoe cover, e.g. from VAUDE
  • sun/bicycle glasses, e.g. from Uvex
  • multifunctional clothes, fast drying (T-shirts, trousers, socks, underwear)
  • windproof Buff, e.g.  Buff Multifunktionstuch
  • bicycle shoes, sneakers, e.g. Shimano
  • Ear plugs


For camping, pausing, resting:


Electro, orientation:


Good to have:


I hope my packing list for a long bicycle tour supports you in packing all the important things that you need, for a stress free, gorgeous and unforgettable adventure tour by bicycle.


Enjoy your trip, and if you need more inspiration, read the story of my tour from Copenhagen to Oslo :)


Please share, if you think my list will be helpful and inspiring for all the bicycle adventurers out there!


Our solar charger from Goal Zero

Our solar charger from Goal Zero

Fully equipped

Fully equipped

Julian with the rain clothes

Julian with the rain clothes

:) Have fun!

:) Have fun!

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