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Paraty, Brazil – Paradisiac landscapes meet beautiful colonial town

Paraty is a dream, and everybody who is traveling Brazil should not miss it! It´s located some 250 km south from Rio de Janeiro, and located in the middle of lush and divine landscapes.
I stayed there for almost one week, even though I planned to stay for maximal 2-3 days.

I couchsurfed with Phelipe, which made my stay even more unforgettable. At the same time, there stayed some other couchsurfers at his house and we had a great enjoyable time together – talking, eating, drinking mate, going to the beach, relaxing, swimming and snorkeling, going out, visiting Paraty, etc.



Phelipe lives in his own little paradise – a little house in Paraty-Mirim surrounded my nature, and very close to a paradisiac hidden beach.

Phelipes cute house

Phelipes cute house


With Phelipe and the other couchsurfers, having a good time

With Phelipe and the other couchsurfers, having a good time




And that´s the first thing I can recommend you – visit the beaches of Paraty-Mirim. There are several buses a day, the journey takes from the main station in Paraty around 30 minutes, and brings you directly to paradise. You can just relax here, enjoy the tranquility and beauty of nature, snorkel close to the beach (there is plenty of fish and corals).

There is plenty of wildlife around: monkeys, birds, butterflies, spiders, snakes, lizards, etc. :)

Way to the hidden beach

Way to the hidden beach


Paraty-Mirim beach

DSC08782 DSC08769


There are many monkeys around

There are many monkeys around




There is a Samba festival on the main square of Paraty every Monday evening. Don´t miss it! It´s free, fun and you´ll have a great time dancing, drinking Caipirinha and just enjoying easy life. I promise! :)

Samba on Monday evening

Samba on Monday evening


Colonial town center of Paraty

Just walking along the natural cobblestone streets of Paraty is an adventure itself. The houses are so special, cute, beautiful, colorful, and the whole atmosphere brings you back to the Colonial times of Brazil. There are many Cachaça shops, because Paraty is famous for the production of very good Cachaça! Street vendors sell delicious Brazilian deserts like Brigadeiros, cakes, etc. You should try some of them!

Walking along the streets, you will probably also reach the little harbour with it´s cute colourful ships.


Cachaça shop



Paraty from above


Just beautiful!


Little harbour

Little harbour





Beach of Paraty

Crossing the little bridge of the harbour and turning right, you will reach the beach of Paraty.

It´s not that spectacular than the beaches of Paraty-Mirim, but still, one can have a very good time. There are some bars and restaurants. You can grab a cold beer and just sit on the beach.

Alternatively there is a path up (left side of the beach), which leads to a fort, and then down to the bay. There are some rocks, and further left, there is another big beach. The view to the bay from here is stunning. The colours of the sea are amazing!




View to the bay of Paraty


Paraty beach


Thanks for reading!


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