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Visit Parque Nacional del Agua close to Melgar, Colombia

This beautiful nature walk in Parque Nacional del Agua, including two waterfalls, is a must-go, if you are in or close to Melgar, Colombia.

I was really surprised, that such a beautiful national park exists close to Melgar. Check out there homepage, to call before you go, and make sure, that you can go on your wish date, and that a guide is available for you.



The best way to get there is by car. It´s about 40 minutes away from Melgar.

The ecological national park is 400 qm big, there is plenty of water, sun, pure air, peace, tranquility and a lot of fun without plastic or cement. Majestic waterfalls and many kilometers of cristal clear water are one of the principal attractions.

IMG_20161217_133857 IMG_20161217_143548

There is also a pool at the entrance area and a restaurant. Order your food before you are leaving for the trek and once you come back, it will be readily prepared for you.

And you really need it! :) Because the trek is quite tough, about 5 hours, walking and climbing up and down many times, over slippery rocks, through the water and the jungle and crossing a little “desert” area, where are almost no trees, just little bushes. So many kinds of landscapes are united in this gorgeous park. It´s also possible to camp there with your own tent. Ask them for more information.

IMG_20161217_143454 DSC07061

The climate is always quite hot, between 30 and 35 degrees Celsius. Take plenty of water for the whole trip, little snacks, like nuts and dry fruits, sunblock, a cap and repellent with you.

Equipped with those things, you will have a great trek, including taking a bath in the big waterfall, I promise! :)


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