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StreetArt Nicaragua

While wandering through Nicaragua, I realised, that there is quite a lot of gorgeous Street Art, that I don´t want to hold back from you! Enjoy the following pictures, that say more than 1000 words…

school in laguna de perlas

School in Pearl Lagoon, Caribbean Sea


corn island recycling

Bottle Recycling (in my eyes also art) on Little Corn Island


el castillo

El Castillo


el castillo2

El Castillo


protest on wall on ometepe

Protest on a graveyard wall on Isla de Ometepe


2015-05-22 23.51.20

In Masaya


2015-07-12 21.44.08

In León


couchsurfer house

Art project of Asha, my couchsurfing host in Poneloya



On the wall in Asha´s house, Poneloya


esteli hostel

On the wall in Hostel Sonati, Estelí


FSLN party house masaya

FSLN campaign 2016 house, this form of propaganda can be seen everywhere in Nicaragua


granada iglesia guadalupe

Wall on the opposite of church Guadalupe in Granada


leon claro

Even companies, like Claro, make some kind of “Street Art” ;)


leon martyrs

Museum of martyrs in Leon


leon museum

Museum of Revolution in Leon: Che Guevara – the symbol of revolution in Latin America is everywhere present


leon museum1

Museum of Revolution in Leon


leon museum2

Museum of Revolution in Leon


leon party sandinista

FSLN flags on a house wall


leon sandinistas

Sandino vive, Leon






Some kind of “Street Art”



Another company which makes Street Art 


market masaya

Market wall in Masaya



In Masaya


NGo Sonati leon

Environmental Art of the NGO Sonati on a house wall in Leon



Isla de Ometepe



Another FSLN house, heroes of the revolution


party catarina close to masaya

Campaign house in the village Catarina, close to Masaya


Thanks for reading!



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! Tip for a good book about Nicaragua:   Nicaragua – Experiment Paradies


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  1. October 23, 2015    

    A little street art can make the ugliest buildings beautiful. Thanks for sharing these bright and colourful photos.

    • sarah.schmidt1311 sarah.schmidt1311
      October 23, 2015    

      Yes, that´s true :) Thanks for your contribution!

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