Travel, but travel with responsibility

That´s how you can travel way cheaper

People always ask me: How can you travel so long and so far? Is it not very expensive? How do you finance your trips? I see, this topic is very important for many of you guys!

So here are some tips, on how you can travel CHEAPER, LONGER and BETTER :)


Before we start, I want to leave the comment, that: THE MORE TIME YOU TAKE FOR TRAVELING, THE CHEAPER IT WILL BE IN THE END!

Because, if you travel slowly and without a certain time frame, you can go for hitchhiking instead of taking a bus, train or flight, or even take a bicycle, you can take a ship instead of an airplane for long distances, e.g. crossing the atlantic, you can go for Couchsurfing instead of rushing from one hotel or hostel to another, you can stay somewhere for a longer time, while you do volunteering or Wwoofing.
There are so many opportunities, how to travel with a tiny budget :)

Let´s start now:

1. Find cheap flights and be flexible

I always look at Skyscanner and ITA for the cheapest flights. When I´ve got an idea, on how much the flight to a certain destination will probably be, I look directly on the webpages of the promoted airlines, to see, if the prices are still a bit cheaper there. The good thing about Skyscanner is also, that you can choose “Prices for whole month” or “Cheapest months”, in order to see different prices on different dates (-combinations). If you are a bit flexible on the dates, you can get really good deals.

Another thing, if you are really flexible on dates and destinations, you can go for Urlaubsguru or Urlaubspiraten. Here you can find really good deals.  

2. Don´t fly at all – take a ship

Ships are for example crossing regularly the atlantic ocean. From Panama to Lisbon, with food inclusive, for 295 Euros? That you can find for example also on Urlaubspiraten. Just check it regularly! There are also many ships crossing the Caribbean, the Indian Ocean, the gulf of Thailand… and so on. Information about ships and timetables, you can usually find directly there on the harbours, the city halls, local travel agencies or at the tourist information.

On this Cargo ship, we were crossing the Caribbean (to Corn Island) - 10 $ per person instead of a flight for 100 $ per person :)

On this Cargo ship, we were crossing the Caribbean (to Corn Island) – 10 $ per person instead of a flight for 100 $ per person :)

3. Remove expenses you would have anyways at home from your travel expenses

This has to do with opportunity costs, you would also have at home – money you use for food, rent, for going out, etc. should be removed from your travel expenses, because this costs, you would have anyways. In many countries, e.g. South East Asia, Latin America, Africa, South Asia, … you spend even less on that. So if I spend for example in Berlin 100 Euros on food per month, I would spend in India for example only 50 Euros on food, for the whole month. So you would even have a plus on your account 😉 This is especially true, if you try to avoid expensive touristic restaurants and cook for yourself (many hostels for example in Latin America offer kitchens), or eat delicious street food (which even taste 1000 times better and more authentic than in expensive restaurants. :) )


4. Rent your flat or room at home, while you are traveling

Traveling for almost no money can be done, if you get rid of the rent, you have to pay for your flat, house or room back home. You can create for example a sub contract for other tenants during that time or rent your space easily on Airbnb.

5. Choose a cheap travel insurance

I always go for Mawista. It´s the cheapest option I have found so far, in regard to all the performances that are included.

6. Do something useful on your way, feel good and in the same time don´t spend money

Do volunteering. There are several pages, where you can find volunteer positions, that enable you to live abroad, to get to know the culture, people, country situation, environment, etc. better and to meet super cool people that think and live like you do. Usually, for doing volunteering, you get a bed and food for free. Basically everything you need to live and to be happy :) Check out this pages: HelpX, Wwoofing, WorkAway.

7. Travel slow, and conscious

The more time you have, the slower you can travel, and the cheaper you can travel. If you are in a rush, you need to take maybe the next plane or bus to another place, even though it´s more expensive. And transportation expenses will be usually one of the highest on a journey. BUT, if you have time, it does´t matter, when you are heading to your next destination, and hence you don´t have to take an expensive option. An extreme example: if you are cycling the world, you don´t spend anything on transportation (maybe on repairing your bike now and then 😉 ), but you will be obviously slower, than just taking a plane. BUT, “the journey is the reward”, and on your slow way, you will get to know everything better, get unforgettable adventure experiences, and so on. There are always more advantages, than just saving money 😉

8. Go for Couchsurfing

You don´t just save your money for accommodation (a lion share), but you also get to know great people. And if you get along well with them, they take you around very often. So, you make new friends, don´t see and do only tourist stuff on your destinations, get to know insider tips, get to know other people through your couchsurfing host (e.g. his/her family, friends, other couchsurfers,..), you can cook for/with them, and so on. There are just advantages!

9. Be self-sustaining!

Sometimes, it´s even possible (or necessary) to be completely self-sustaining. Take a light tent with you, a gas cooker, a lighter, a sleeping bag, some food and water, and let the journey begin. Combine this with hitchhiking or your own bicycle, and you will almost spend nothing on traveling. Just on food, but on that you need to spend money anyways, right? 😉

10. Look for free entrances, special events or student prices!

With the ISIC Student Card, you can get everywhere discounts of entrances, for example for museums, theatres, sightseeing, cultural things, for transportations, e.g. flights, and so on. Moreover, there are often special days in many cities around the world, where entrances are cheaper or even for free. Check the official homepage of the city, where you are currently. Also special Facebook-groups can give a lot of valuable information about certain places and what is going on there.

2016-02-25 13.11.20

For me, on many places, especially in South- and Southeast Asia, and Latin America, it was possible to spend in average 100 Euros or even less per week, following the tips, that I just gave you! :)

So, try it out and tell me about your experiences. AND I´m always happy about other new ideas. For sure, these points above are long not the only ones, how you can travel way cheaper!

I´m looking forward to your comments!

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  1. Julian Julian
    February 25, 2016    

    Very good tips! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. March 14, 2016    

    Great tips. Thank you.

    • sarah.schmidt1311 sarah.schmidt1311
      March 21, 2016    

      You are welcome! Thanks for reading :)

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